Company profile

SEIP was launched in 1992 by the initiative of a team of entrepreneurs coming from the state-owned oil company YPF, to outline a solid proposal to offer competence and experience to oil and gas companies in the area, within the field of process control.

Oil and gas companies are currently introducing second-generation systems, whose definition focuses on the analysis of added value over technological possibilities.
Innovision’s automation and control division was added in 2002. This allowed us to widen the range of technological solutions offered to clients, thus benefiting from the expertise of a group of professionals specialized in oil instrumentation and remote monitoring systems.

With a clearly innovating strategy, SEIP has the skill to develop systems engineering and deliver turnkey solutions. Our partnerships established with global leading firms enable us to provide customized technical and financial solutions to meet each project’s needs.

As we are constantly competing with the largest international consulting and systems development companies, we have developed the ability to provide a methodological framework that enables our clients to receive similar quality services at a lower price and with greater institutional commitment.
Over the past few years, SEIP has achieved significant growth, particularly in the oil area, as a result of its ability to turn technological trends into concrete solutions for its clients.